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The Benghazi Attack, War Within the CIA, and Globalist Purge of the US Military

The infamous "Innocence of Muslims" film was a very successful black propaganda agitation film. It was used as a smokescreen to cover motivations for an attack on a supposed US embassy in Benghazi. It was no doubt also hoped to incite a war between the US and Iran. Insider Steve Pieczenik has previously given us many insights into the real behind the scenes happenings connected with this tragedy. He promised to give us still more, and here it is.

Anti-Muslim Psyop Film 'Innocence of Muslims' Research Package

Details Selectively Released by CNN About 'Innocence of Muslims' Film Makers

Insider - Israel and Saudi Arabia Killed the US Ambassador to Egypt and Did 911 - Jones and Pieczenik

Run time 44 minutes 31 seconds
Producer Steve Pieczenik and Alex Jones
Audio/Visual sound


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